Taking a driving lesson during the Covid-19 pandemic

 The health of our pupils and instructor are the most important consideration at this time. In order to comply with Government guidelines, and to keep everyone safe, driving lessons with Progress Driving School will be a little different at this time.

Here’s what to expect:

Before the lesson2020-07-14T06:33:09+00:00

Your instructor will contact you before the lesson. If you, or the instructor, has had any symptoms of the virus within the last seven days, or has been in contact with someone who has within the past 14 days, the lesson must not go ahead. You will not be charged for the cancellation of the lesson.

Before you begin your driving lesson, you are asked to wash your hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds.

You should wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. As the car windows will be open during the lesson wherever possible and the air conditioning won’t be used, it could be colder/hotter than usual.

Before each lesson and after the last lesson of the day, the car will be cleaned down both inside and out using anti-bacterial cleaners or disinfectant. This will particularly focus on common ‘touch points’.

Your instructor will sanitise his hands regularly, and always after cleaning the car.

A supply of gloves and masks will be available in the car for use if required.

At the start of the lesson2020-07-14T06:37:05+00:00

Every effort must be made to reduce your face-to-face contact with your instructor.

As the beginning of the lesson, your instructor will meet you outside the vehicle, at a 2 metre distance. Conversations about the plan for the lesson ahead can take place outside the vehicle (weather permitting).

If gloves and/or masks are to be worn, these will be put on before entering the car. Please let your instructor know in advance if you have a latex allergy.


During the lesson2020-07-14T06:41:00+00:00

When asked to show your instructor your driving licence, this should just be held up and not passed to the instructor. Similarly, visual aids/pens must not be shared. If they are shared, they will be cleaned straight afterwards.

During conversations in the car, both instructor and pupil should continue to face forward (rather than turn to face each other directly).

Wherever possible, car windows will be open throughout the lesson in order to improve ventilation. The use of air-con should be avoided.

Face masks, where worn, will be changed frequently and disposed of safely. Where a cloth mask is worn, this must be washed daily.

During this time we ask for electronic payments wherever possible please, to avoid the need to handle cash.

If at any point during the lesson either you or your instructor begins to feel unwell, the lesson must be ended immediately.

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